Q: What makes One Percent Realty stand out from other companies?

One Percent Realty is a fully licensed real estate company providing full service real estate but at a much lower commission rate than the traditional real estate companies.

Q: What do you charge?

We charge $7,990 for properties under $700,000. For properties over $700,000 we charge 1% of the sale price plus $990, plus applicable GST. It’s as simple as that.

Q: Are your listings on MLS® and all of the top websites that the public uses?

Absolutely! The Olson Team recognizes the greater the exposure your home receives, the more likely you are to find a buyer willing to pay your price.

Q: What if a buyer has his own agent? Do I have to pay them?

No, not at all. We already pay the Buyer's agent half of the commission. You will never be expected to pay more.

Q: Other agents have told me that if I list with One Percent Realty, agents from other companies will not show my home because they don't get the same amount of commission. Do other agents purposely avoid your listings?

Our listings are displayed everywhere that a Buyer would look. All our listings are on the MLS®, all the top internet sites, have a sign on the lawn, are in the real estate paper and we do open houses. So if a Buyer is looking for a home in your neighborhood and yours is in their price range, they are going to know yours is for sale and want to see it regardless of what commission being paid to their agent is.

Q: I've heard that sometimes the Buyer's agent will ask for more commission. Am I obligated to pay them more?

No! You will never be obligated to pay anymore than the initially agreed upon amount.

Q: What will I save if I hire The Olson Team?

What you can expect to save when you hire The Olson Team!   

Your House
maple ridge Traditional
MLS® Agent
$200,000  $7,990  $9,500* $1,510
$300,000  $7,990 $12,000* $4,010
$400,000  $7,990 $14,500* $6,510
$500,000  $7,990 $17,000* $9,010
$600,000  $7,990 $19,500* $11,510
$700,000  $7,990 $22,000* $14,010
$800,000  $8,990 $24,500* $15,510
$900,000  $9,990 $27,000* $17,010
$1,000,000 $10,990 $29,500* $18,510
*Compared with a broker charging 7% on the first $100,000 and 2.5% on the balance. Not all brokers charge the same.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?


Free Market Evaluation

Let us tell you exactly what we do to sell your home. The Olson Team provides a free, no obligation, consultation and market evaluation of your home. Contact us today.