Costly Home-Seller Mistakes

Forgetting to Focus on Curb Appeal

Buyers begin to form an opinion of your home the minute they pull up in front of it. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it can be neat and tidy and display a sense of pride.

Not Fixing the Small Things

Buyers often exaggerate how much it will cost to fix the small things, so take the time to fix the leaky faucet, re-caulk the bathtub and repair the hole in the wall. It will cost you far less than the discount a Buyer will be looking for.

Not Deep-Cleaning Before Putting Your Home on The Market

Buyers assume that homes that are messy or dirty haven’t been properly maintained. This will result in less interest from Buyers and lower offers. Don’t feel like cleaning? Bring in a professional in.

Not Clearing the Clutter and Depersonalizing Your Home Before Listing it For Sale

You want potential Buyers to see themselves living in your home, so put all the personal photos, fridge magnets and mementoes away.

Not Recognizing The Impact of a Smelly Home

Avoid cooking strong smelling foods while on the market. Clean the litter boxes, take garbage out daily, and open some windows before showings to get some fresh air in the home. Avoid using artificial fragrances and deodorizes, they irritate people. Instead, use some essential oils, bake some bread or cookies, even a few drops of vanilla on a warm element will create a pleasant fragrance.

Not Cleaning Out Your Closets Before Listing

Buyers see closets jammed full of stuff and they almost always conclude there isn’t enough storage in your home. Closets should be neat and tidy and appear organized. Take out half of your things and send them to storage during the sale.

Thinking You Always Get 100% Return on Your Renovations

Sadly, this is only true on TV. Always talk to your REALTOR before you make any renovations for the sale.

Thinking Your House is the Best on the Block

Truth: over 80% of Sellers think their home is better than average and that’s only true about 50% of the time. When planning your selling and pricing strategy, be honest with yourself. If you aren’t sure how you compare to your neighbors, ask your agent.

Not Disclosing What You Need to Disclose

Sellers (and their agents) must disclose anything that might impact a Buyer’s enjoyment of a home. While it might be tempting to hide or try and cover up certain problems, it will likely cost you greatly in re-negotiations when the Building Inspector discovers it.

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